How this man makes $18.000 a month in online casinos.

Author: Charles A. Lane

Richard Weir is not a professor of mathematics or a genius hacker. He was an ordinary employee in an electronics store with an affinity for gambling that almost ruined his life.
One day, however, he began to stop gambling his money away in the casino down to the last penny. He started to increase it in no time and quickly made insane profits that many can only dream of.
Soon he was able to quit his boring job and live a financially independent life.
I met him and he told me the secret of how he emptied one casino after another with a still almost unknown system and „earns“ his money only in online casinos.

From loser to winner

I met Richard in a crowded café. He was sitting at one of the more secluded tables and had already ordered a drink.
When asked how he was doing, he replied that everything in his life was more than excellent at the moment. He arranges his day freely and can do more or less what he wants.
He can travel spontaneously if he wants to and even take a few days for his great passion besides gambling, fishing. Richard however did not call it gambling, because in his case it had nothing at all to do with luck.

However, things did not always go so smoothly in Richard’s life. Not even 2 years ago he was a hair’s breadth away from financial ruin.
He gambled away almost all his money in casinos. The mountain of debt grew and grew and his wife at the time left him because of his gambling addiction and his irresponsible handling of the family’s assets.
He was facing an abyss and everything in his life seemed to have been destroyed.
But what he didn’t know is that this is where his successful story should start.

As is often the case, Richard was helped by chance when he met an old friend from his school days while shopping.
He gave him a precious tip that would change his whole life.

He showed him how to turn his destructive love of gambling into a lucrative income. With this knowledge, Richard’s life suddenly turned around 180° and he was able to record a profit of almost $6000 in the first month.
It wasn’t easy for Richard at first, though, as he had to get his gambling addiction and risk-taking under control. He had to exercise patience and self-discipline in order not to lose the money he had won.

But what was it that turned Richard from a loser with hardly a cent in his pocket into a financially independent winner?

When it’s no longer just the bank that wins

Basically, it’s a relatively simple system, Richard explained to me.
It’s not really the newest system, either. But it has been adapted and kept up to date over the years, because it has to stay one step ahead of slot machine developers.

The inventor of this stunning system is Rich Evans. He is a professional mathematician and professional slot machine player (yes such a thing really exists) from Las Vegas, Nevada.
With an elite group of casino and gambling insiders and mathematicians, he developed a system that allowed them to do the impossible.
They managed to achieve constant profits by playing in casinos for many years.

The system is based on simple statistical principles that analyze the payoff cycle of thousands of slot machines. Day after day, Rich and his elite group took out the casinos. It didn’t take long for the casino employees to notice them and start watching them. They were banned from many casinos, but since the system is completely legal, the group kept going and made more and more money every day.

Some of them switched to online casinos where it was much easier to apply the system since there was no security breathing down their necks and they could generate unimaginable profits from the comfort of their homes.

Today, Rich Evans shares his revolutionary system with people who are tired of their 9 to 5 jobs and want to live a financially independent life instead.
If you want to learn more about Rich and this unique system just watch this video of him.

Too good to be true

Currently Richard earns about $18000 per month exclusively in online casinos as he says. Sometimes it’s a little more, sometimes a little less. And all this with a ridiculously small amount of work. He can pay all his bills and live the life he always dreamed of.

„But honestly Richard, this is all too good to be true,“ I said to him.

He was proof that it worked and to convince me he briefly showed me how it worked.

A few seconds later I was logged into one of Richard’s favorite online casinos.

He said >link< was one of the best suited casinos for the system, where he and a few other users of the system were making a lot of money from the comfort of their homes.

And believe it or not. After less than half an hour I already had a profit of almost $150 dollars on my account, which I cashed out immediately without any problems.

The result of my meeting with Richard was that I and our entire editorial team are now earning a nice side income using the system Richard showed me.

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